Bag Haul: Five College #PRgirl Must-Haves

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I want to dedicate this blog to all the PR majors in college right now. This post may be a bit silly, but you need these in your bag! These are five of my personal favorites from when I was in school and I hope you can save money and find the time to check these items out.

AP Stylebook | Buy Now
This was my holygrail textbook for a majority of my writing classes. And I had a lot of writing classes with an emphasis on journalism basics. A majority of PR agencies and organizations use the Associated Press editorial guidelines for press releases and whitepapers—whatever it is, use it and use it well.

USB Cord | Buy Now
I know, I know. This is a USB cord and it's the best thing ever because it charges everything. You're probably thinking why the iPhone/Android isn't on my list, but if you don't have a USB well you're out of luck. Plug it to your portable, laptop or wall outlet. A USB cord doesn't need to be charged, but it will definitely juice your devices up.

Gold Foil Stripe DayDesigner | Buy Now
My favorite DayDesigner is the gold foil edition that recently came out, and you don't necessarily have to have this version or brand (there are so many different planners--sheesh, I have my own—but nothing is better than crossing off items on your to-do list. I love planning and I will forever favor writing in a notebook than setting a reminder on my phone/digital app. Am I right or am I right? Get one now and plan your semesters in style!

PRSSA Membership | Join Now
The Public Relations Student Society of America has college chapters all across the country. I'm pretty sure your school has one. Being a part of this organization has its perks—networking, competitions and awards, scholarships and more. I totally understand that you are probably #broke, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime. National dues are $50 and depending on your school's chapter it may vary. Learn more at

College Newspaper | Free, duh!
I frequently check Twitter and get email subscription alerts from NY Times and Washington Post, but the college paper was always something I copped every morning on my way to class. To each it's own. But I supported my college's Diamondback. How do you stay on top of the news?

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