How to Increase Brand Exposure Without A Site

Okay. I know what you're about to say: "What is she talking about—you don't need a site?"

Well...see, you don't, at least not yet. I like to envision a website as a final's your online realm where you can showcase all of your multimedia in one hub, even your blog, photos from all of your shoots and press clips & work samples and whatnot. Whatever it maybe, it all goes down to this: why launch a website and/or blog if your social media game not poppin'.

It really takes time and patience to build a great brand with an active and engaging audience. And this is what is important. A brand with no audience means no website traffic and no website traffic means = what the heck is the point. I tell my clients this all the time. If you're not getting any "Likes" or comments on your social posts, in addition to new followers and inquiries for services in your inbox and DMs, then why are you so quick to launch a website or blog? Tell me. Because if you're not getting any of those, then you're moving a bit too fast.

Know where your market audience is first. Know where you are the most impactful to your community and focus on that. Make a social media goal, for instance, to launch your website when you have "X" amount of followers. When a brand has a great strategy and foundation to building exposure, then it's ready for more room to grow (on other channels).

Here's five simple ways to enhance your online brand on social media without a website:

Create valuable, branded content
If you don't already have a content strategy plan, then you need to get on the bandwagon. More on that in another post. But creating content that will get your audience liking, commenting, sharing and reacting is very valuable to your brand's exposure. Notice that I said "create"—not media can be a bit saturated with sharing and reusing people's pretty pictures, but it's even more authentic when you create it yourself and branded with your brand's logo, fonts and color schemes. Try to develop your own graphics to embrace a consistent and unified visual brand. Create graphics that are enriching, funny, inspirational, informative and conversational. You want it to be more than just a pretty graphic for show and tell—you want it to tell a story and likewise with your captions.

Contribute to online publications
You're the expert, right? One very easy way to leverage your brand's voice as the founder or creator is to contribute to a blog or online publication. Writing about your experiences, reviewing a product or event, establishes your role as an industry expert. It can be a beauty or health and wellness blog, a fashion blog or even a local news publication that opens the platform for citizen journalists. Remember, blogging isn't for everyone, but getting your name out there on behalf of your brand is beneficial to your credibility and authenticity. So give it a try. You wanted to launch a blog right? Try this first.

Complete your LinkedIn profile
The crazy thing is...many entrepreneurs and brands overlook this platform and only think about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But honestly, this is the go-to social media platform for business professionals, so if you don't already have a profile yet, create one and build your profile page to your advantage. Let potential partners, collaborators, recruiters or investors know who you are. Tell them about your past professional experiences and your accomplishments. Really, this is your online resume, but even better. LinkedIn offers industry groups that you can chat and connect with similar professionals in, it provides a similar blog platform to publish thought-leader and expert-type posts and even provides job opportunities and trending articles about your industry. Stay on top of your industry market and network on LinkedIn.

Join a Twitter chat
I am a victim to low Twitter followers ever since the platform died (it really did though, lol). But you can't blame me, I deactivated my account three times and then decided to stop and keep my account because it was mandatory for my senior college credit, ha! Anywho, back to Twitter chats. Please take advantage of this. This is your way to network with like-minded industry entrepreneurs, PR practitioners, social media gurus, creatives—you name it—there's a chat for it! The Twitter chat world is like networking and micro-blogging all in one. You are having convos in real time with everyone about one topic that you are passionate about and mind you, you are showing your expertise while at it. I found a great blog post from a fellow Twitter chat friend of mine and she dissects the main things you need to do to be successful in your Twitter chat. So please... chat and use your hashtags away. in real life
You can't forget about the art of networking in real life. Yes, I totally went there. Sometimes you have to leave your iPhone and step away from your laptop to actually talk to people. Take advantage of local events happening in your area or nearby city. Attend professional networking events, meetups, go to in-person workshops and conferences that you would love to attend to grow your network and professional development. Bring your business cards with you, prepare your brand's elevator pitch, be social and have fun!