How to Liven Up Your Tiny Bedroom

I revamped my room right before New Year's. It was the struggle. The before look of my room was not pleasing at all. I outgrew everything. My bed tent lol, the hot pink and zebra print, 10-year-old clothes sitting in my dresser... I had things that belonged to my mom in MY room, and nothing quite fit my personal style. Well, I still have my bed frame (that can't really leave unless I move out this house haha).

Long story short, I redid my room with lighter colors, painted my wall a very chalky white color, and purchased contemporary and neutral-looking accessories to match everything else. It sort of came to place. I'm complacent with how everything turned out. And I'm so pressed because it's so cute!

I also really love my wall collage. I went crazy and got a majority of my photos from Design Love Fest. Mix and match graphics with a clash of colored frames here and there. And gold. Did I mention how much I love gold?

If you're like me and have a small bedroom, which you can't really tell, here are some quick tips to invigorate your space. PSA: These are just a few angles to my room, but these gotta trust 'em.

Take Advantage of Bright
One thing you don't want to do is paint your walls grey, or red. I mean if that tickles your fancy, then I am not stopping you. But if you are looking at your room from a design perspective, dark colors automatically make your room look dingy and smaller, especially if your room is already small! My walls were white, but ever since I've moved into this place the walls have been the same and over the years the paint tends to wear off and look a bit off white-yellowy. I started to see handprints of my makeup, little cousins crayon marks... So, I went with a real bright white and my room feels brighter, spacious, free and much more serene.

Organize Your Ish
If only you've seen a before and after photo, then you'd know what I'm talking about. But previously, I had another dresser. It was old, falling apart, a very dark brown that didn't really match my theme I had going on here. So I added a white cubby set. You can purchase these from Target and they are so easy to assemble. I can be a fan of keeping papers and clothes, but sometimes you just gotta let it go. If you haven't used it in the past five years, you won't need it. So either donate it or throw it and keep it moving. My cubby set was the aftermath of what used to junk under my bed, by my desk, around my desk, etc. When you can get yourself organized, it is a great feeling and your room will start feeling roomier, haha. Swear.

It's In The Details
Sometimes you have to spice up your room and give it some flavor. It needs a theme. I was tired of coming home to a basic, boring room.  I'm all about the details, the little collectibles and trinkets. Photos... Books... a theme that represents you. So I added a wall collage and carefully selected each item to go in my cubbies. Each and every little item represented something about me.

Credits to my cousin who took these photos and made my room look spacious when it's not. Here's my happy place :)