How to Survive the Burnout at Work

We all have those days, weeks or heck—months at work where you are constantly working on the clock and swamped with a lot of day-to-day things to do. I know because I've been there. In fact, it happened to me recently.

I've been so burned out, that a month ago when my mother asked me if I wanted to go to the Philippines with her for two weeks, I had said "YES!"  And that brings me to this blog post right here and hopefully I will follow my own advice when I get back from what I'd like to call my Eat + Pray + Love trip to say this: take care of yourself.

For the next few weeks, I am going on a digital hiatus and will be galavanting the islands of the Philippines (I make it sound so cool, lol). I want to make this trip not only a memorable trip, but one where I can rejuvenate and meditate on life and my well-being—spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes we get too carried away about LIFE and sometimes we forget about ourselves. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and a little TLC.

I hope these five post-burnout tips will help you gain some strength and positive vibes your way:

Plan a schedule or to-do list
While we are not always perfect to fully complete and go by our to-do list in that order, at least you are physically taking note of your tasks and duties. This helps you manage your time and projects, and gives you a clearer picture of what your day to week entails. Trust me, you can manage your days more effectively when you know what important things you have to tackle first. Priorities are a must, but don't forget to put in time for leisure and rest (more on that below)...

Make a playlist with upbeat music
This is really helpful for me. Musical therapy is always there when I need it. It keeps my mood up. They say music helps you remember different experiences or parts of your life. Listen to some tunes and create a playlist that takes you to your happy place.

Turn off digital devices for a couple hours a day
Or at least keep them away from you during times you know you should be productive and not connected. For instance, if you are planning to take a trip to the gym, then stop with the selfies and actually get your weight lifting or cardio on. If you are heading out for lunch with friends, then go out to lunch and talk. And turn off your phone when you're heading to SLEEP! Your text messages, emails and social media channels can wait.

Drink water
This is not here by mistake. You're burned out right? Well, don't forget to hydrate and cool down! You may be so busy working at your desk right now, you probably even didn't have time to eat or drink your daily recommended eight glasses per day. Drink up.

Do something fun + energizing
What have you done in the past that you really loved doing and miss so much? Did you used to go jogging every morning? Did you used to take karate classes? Or do you want to try something new? Sign up for cooking classes. Apply for a membership at your nearest yoga or cycling center. Don't waste your hours and energy worrying about work all the time. Spend your time on extracurricular activities that are beneficial and worth your time and happiness.

With that being said, please do take care of yourself. Having a burnout is not cool. For those who are just as excited as me for my trip to the Philippines—stay tuned. I will be blogging about my experience and such when I get back. I won't have connection/service for a majority of the areas I will be staying at so I hope you understand.